Black + White Photography /
Feature : Time and Tide

October 2021

Elizabeth McClair-Roberts reports on meeting David Magee for the first time and how his work evoked a sense of emotion as though seeing a place intimately, through the eyes and feelings of the artist...

On Landscape /
Interview : with David Magee

August 2021

David Magee in conversation with Charlotte Parkin - On Landscape magazine; explains why he started making photographs, how his image making has evolved, the role of the printed book in his work and outlines some exciting plans for 2022...

Frames /
Photography Podcast

August 2021

On FRAMES Photography Podcast - W. Scott Olsen is talking to David Magee, about his picture making, experiences and personal stories...

Atlantic /
Unveiled at Saatchi Gallery London

October 2020

Atlantic - an ongoing work created on the Atlantic coastline of Ireland.
“This ancient and spectacular coastline, is quite simply
- where my heart lives …”

In Conversation /
David Magee talks to ArtsHaus

March 2019

David Magee in conversation with Daniel Lee-Jacobs Director, ArtsHaus, answers some questions... talks about his inspiration, his working methods, how his photography has evolved and outlines some plans for the future.

A Lifetime of work /
Artist Showcase : London Live

February 2018

Images created over a quarter of a century. The exhibition presents forty Limited Edition photographs, painstakingly selected from an extensive archive of images.